5 easy-to-maintain plants for your room!


Do you feel like your room could use some green leafy plants to freshen up the air?🥰 Or perhaps you want that minimal look with a small pot on your shelf to take your Instagram stories!📸 Either way, NEXKY is going to recommend to you all 5 easy-to-maintain plants for your room! 🤗🌱

First of all, there is no such thing as “indoor plants”, but there are plants that require lesser lights as all plants would prefer to live outdoors ✅. But these plants that require lesser light still need to be watered regularly!💧

Here are some of the plants you might want to consider trying!


Zanzibar Gem/ ZZ Plants (Zamioculcas Zamiifolia)

This plant tolerates low light, so direct sunlight is out of the equation❌. But! It requires bright lights within the room for the stems  to grow dark glossy leaves. It is super stylish if you stick the stems onto a vintage container. It is important not to drown their roots with water and leave the soil dry after wiping the leaves with cloth! 🌥💧


Monstera Deliciosa

Who doesn’t know these plants! They are well known for the different shapes of holes on the leaves and are a great interior decorator for many households 😵. The huge glossy leaves are so aesthetic and should be kept in humid and bright conditions without direct sunlight.🌱


Snake Plants (Sansevieria Trifasciata)

These plants are able to close its pores in order to preserve the moisture within and “breathe” again in the night when the condition is much cooler ☁️. It is essential to make sure the pot you use has a good draining system so that water does not get stored in the soil 🤗.


Spider Plants (Chlorophytum Comosum)

If you thought snake plants were cool, spider plants are even cooler! These plants are decorative when used as hanging plants. These plants tolerate dark conditions and require very little amount of water! This plant is good for purifying your room and is also non-toxic to your pets! ✅


Arrowhead Plants (Syngonium Podophyllum)

Like the name suggests, the leaves are heart-shaped that look like an arrow. The shape of the leaves changes as the plants grow. Like many others, this plant requires bright and humid conditions away from direct sunlight. *Do keep note that this plant is toxic for toddlers and pets!❌

There you have it! 5 easy-to-maintain plants for your room! 🤗 Make sure to be mindful of how to take care of each plant and do not over water them! You should all do a research of which plants you think best fits your room and if you have pets and toddlers, make sure they are out of reach in case the plants are toxic! NEXKY wishes you all a happy planting week! 💖

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