Want to eat Singaporean food but not sure which? 😤 Let NEXKY recommend!😻


Singapore, a country that holds iconic dishes from various ethnicities. Today, NEXKY is going to break them down for you! (Hint : It’s not just chicken rice!) 🇸🇬🐓

After this read, try to find these hidden gems in Thailand other than chicken rice! 🇹🇭

Here are 6 dishes you must not miss! (Recommended by locals!)

1. Chicken Rice 🐔

Chicken rice has got to be the first dish you all think of as the most classic local dish, and you’re not wrong! The rice itself is so fragrant due to the mixture of chicken broth, ginger, garlic, and pandan leaves! Now pair it with either steamed, roasted, or even poached chicken for the best match!

2. Carrot Cake 🥕

No, it is not an actual cake you find in a dessert shop! Carrot cakes are savory and made of radish mixed with eggs and garlic. Some people prefer carrot cake fried in dark soya sauce for a sweeter taste. 

3. Kaya Toast 🍞

If you don’t know what to have for breakfast, locals recommend crispy toast with slabs of butter and a whip of kaya paste. For the best pair, enjoy it with coffee or tea and some soft-cooked eggs!

4. Nasi Lemak 🍚

The go-to meal that locals find is this fragrant coconut rice alongside various sides. Packed within the pandan leaves contains fried chicken, grilled fish cake, dried anchovies, egg, fried fish. To top it off, a spoonful of sambal chili paste will also be included for the best taste!

5. Hokkien Mee 🍝

One of the most favorite dishes amongst Singaporeans is Hokkien Mee! This stir-fried dish comprises a mixture of egg noodles and rice noodles along with prawns, shrimps, fishcake, bean sprouts, squid, and even pork lard! 🦐🦑

6. Laksa 🍝

Although the rice noodles are thick, they are usually cut into small pieces so you can easily eat them with just a spoon! Dip them in spicy coconut soup cooked with big portions of cockles and prawns, and you have just tasted one of the most local Singaporean dishes!

And there you have it, these 6 dishes are commonly found and beloved by Singporeans. 🤩🇹🇭 NEXKY hopes you are all enlightened, and remember, Singaporeans don’t just eat chicken rice! 🐔🇸🇬

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