5 Everyday Items Originally Created for the Military


Does your house have a microwave? 🔥

Do you have a wristwatch with you? ⌚️

Are you saving up for a drone this summer? 🚁

Did you know that these items that we use on a daily basis were initially invented for military use? 🤭 NEXKY has some insights for you!

Here are 5 items that were invented because of the military!

1. Internet

Yes! The internet we are all using right now was invented by the United States because they were afraid that their telephone network would be destroyed by Russian attacks! That is why they created the ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network), the grandfather of our internet! 🔭

2. Drones

The same drone you are aiming to save up for your next vacation was used as pilotless aircrafts or aerial torpedoes! 🚁 Fun fact : The first “drone” that the British developed is called the “DH.82B Queen Bee”!

3. Wristwatch

Back then, instead of wristwatches, soldiers had to manually strap pocket watches onto their wrist and it allowed them to synchronize all the maneuvers without alerting the enemies, making sneak attacks much more effective! ⌚️ Fun fact : After WW1 ended, soldiers used wristwatches in their civilian life!

4. Microwave Oven

When Percey Spencer the scientist experimented on magnetron (tube used to generate microwaves) to generate high power for military radars, he later discovered that the candy bar 🍭 in his pocket started to melt. He then tested it with popcorn and eggs, and many more!

5. Aviator Sunglasses

The same sunglasses you see in your nearby optical shop, was created to help pilots replace big goggles as it fogs up easily. It also helps prevent the sun’s glare when in high altitudes. Fun fact : That is how the brand name “Ray-Ban” came about, it literally “bans” light rays. 🕶

There you have it! These are 5 pieces of equipment that we have all likely come across at some point in our lives! Who would have thought that they originated thanks to the military! 

Next time you see these items, share the knowledge with a friend! 🤗

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