🌟 3 Memorization Techniques 🌟

Exams are approaching, but no matter how much you read, you still can’t remember it 🤷🏻‍♀️

Don’t worry! Today, NEXKY will introduce you all to 🌟 3 Memorization Techniques 🌟

Let’s begin our revision session!

  1. Memory Palace

⛅️ Choose a place that has a personal link to you. Try your house or school building. ⛅️ Imagine walking along the corridor and see different objects placed inside your house. 

⛅️ Imagine the information that you want to remember beside these objects. 

⛅️ When recalling, simply imagine yourself walking inside your house and see the objects and information placed beside it!

Example: Let’s try memorizing our presentation script! 

The topics we need to memorize are…

⛅️ Introducing our group members

⛅️ The personalities of each member

🏠 Begin by standing in front of your house. Imagine a sign with your group name written on it dangling down from the ceiling. Don’t make it an ordinary sign, imagine it sparkly and bright! 

Once you walk through the door, on your left is a shelf. Instead of your family photos, there lies a photo of you and your group member. Look at how many people are in the photo. What are their names? 

If one member likes to cook. Let’s imagine walking through the corridor, the first room you see is the kitchen. Imagine that person holding the pan, stirring at the stove. Want to dive deeper? What if that person likes to cook spicy food, loves cooking, but bake rather poorly? Let’s imagine that the stove is lit with ferocious fire. Her face and body is red from the heat of the spices. Yet! Beside your friend is an oven with brown smoke and burnt smell reeking off of it. And when you keep walking, you meet another friend in another room.  

With this technique, you will be able to grasp on your information better! 

  1. Mnemonics

This technique is super easy. NEXKY believes that everyone has tried it before. Ever heard of ‘RICE – Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate’⁉️ This is a mnemonic acronym to help us remember how to treat simple injuries at home! 

Try putting the first letters of the things you want to memorize in order and make a sentence. It’s best to create an interesting sentence! 

  1. Chunking Technique

NEXKY sure thinks that everyone has tried this as well! When memorizing a phone number, you would memorize the first 3 numbers together, the middle 3 together, and the last 4 together (XXX – XXX – XXXX)!  But! This technique can be adapted for other scenarios too. Start by finding the common feature among the things you want to remember. For instance, the first letter, quantity, color, or place. If you want to memorize your shopping list, try grouping them according to the first letter! Pants, Potato, Pineapple // Socks, Sushi, Shampoo

With this grouping, you will remember them in no time!

💗 NEXKY hopes that these techniques will do you good.

However, if they don’t work, don’t worry! There are many more techniques to try.

Let’s find the right way to study for us!  

Reference: https://toggl.com/blog/memorization-techniques-professionals

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