Requesting a Student ID Card

🤔 Dear new students, you all must be wondering how to request a student ID card. How long will it take? What documents are needed? 😇💫 Today, NEXKY has all the answers!

3 Essentials for Requesting a Student ID Card

Completed the Enrollment 

Check your Thai and English name, student ID number, and photo with white background. You can find more information from the Office of the Registrar (

Successfully Paid the Tuition and Received a Receipt 

You will be able to download the receipt 3 – 5 days after payment. 

Completed the Course Registration 

Your courses must appear on the ‘Class’ feature on the CU NEX application.

Once you have completed all 3, a Digital ID Card will appear in the ‘Digital ID’ feature and you are now ready to request a physical card!  

Steps to Request a Student ID Card

If you have everything ready, let’s begin the steps to request your card 😉

Step1️⃣ Click ‘Request a Card’.

Step2️⃣ Verify your information. 

Step3️⃣ Select the account to be linked to your student ID card. 

Step4️⃣ Debit card information will be displayed. 

Step5️⃣ Choose a Delivery Method

📍Collect at the branch. 

📍Deliver to a home address.

Step6️⃣  Check your information and delivery address and click ‘Confirm’. 

That is it! Sit back, relax, and wait for your card to arrive 😆🌟 

How to Check the Delivery Status

After confirming, you can check the delivery status at all times via the CU NEX application. Simply click ‘Requested card status’. 

📍Collect at the branch : You can receive your card at the branch. 

📍Deliver to a home address : The card will be sent to the address you previously entered.



That is it! Now, all you have to do is wait for your card 💳🌟

The delivery of the card will take around 7 working days. 
If you have any inquiries, please ☎️ dial 02-008-6556 (Call Center) or 📬 inbox us via Facebook @CUNEX.Official 😊

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